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FISpT Board of Directors in Amman, Jordan

FISpT Board of Directors has been held in Amman in Jordan on the 23rd of April 2024.

Present at the Board:

  • Mr. Isa Mohammed Abdul Rahim (President)

  • Dr. Ahmad Saad Alsharif (First Vicepresident)

  • Emad Albanani (Vicepresident for Africa)

  • Mr. Mohamed Abdulkhaliq Aldelawar (General Secretary)

  • Dr. Nouzha Bidiouane

  • Mrs. Yana Taplova

  • Mrs. Maya Azarashvili

  • Mr. Nijat Hasanov

  • Mr. Sharma Kumar

  • Mr. Tomislav Cvitanusic

  • Mr. Anuarbek Bainazrov

  • Mr. Igor Majer

  • Mr. Patrick Perosa

  • Mrs. Anita Pariani

  • and the Executive Director Prof. Omar Hindawi

The meeting was very productive and has started a long tail strategy for the future development of FISpT!

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